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We’re pleased to announce that the school board named Dr. Sean Alford as the District’s new superintendent at the special called board meeting held on June 30th at the District office. Dr. Alford comes to Aiken County with two decades of administrative experience in South Carolina’s public schools. He is currently an Assistant Superintendent in Dorchester School District Two in Summerville, South Carolina.
  PowerSchool Parent Portal is closed for the summer.
Upcoming Events
- Freedman Meet and Greet
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
School Announcements
6th Grade Orientation
Orientation for 6th grade students ONLY will be August 13, 2015 5:00-6:30 p.m.
2015-2016 Supply List
North Augusta Middle School

6th grade Supply List for 2015-2016 School Year
2 large 3- ring binders (1 ½ inch)
3 Composition books
Notebook paper
Colored pencils/crayons/ or markers
Wooden pencils
Book covers
2 packs of dividers
1 pack of page protectors
Ear buds
1 spiral notebook (70 pages)
Teacher’s Wish List
Paper towels
Hand sanitizer
Clorox wipes
Individual Teacher Request
Mrs. Kim West -2 composition books, sticky notes, scotch tape

7th grade Supply List for 2015-2016 School Year
3-ring binders
Loose leaf paper
#2 Pencils
Pens (blue, black, and red)
Hand-held pencil sharpener (with a top to collect shavings)
Composition books
3-hole punched pocket folders for binder
Page protectors
Black Expo markers
Colored pencils
Glue sticks
Ear buds (for use in computer labs)
Basic four function calculator (scientific and graphing calculators will not be permitted for standardized testing)
We are always grateful for the following classroom donations:
Hand sanitizer
Paper towels
Clorox wipes
8th grade Supply List for 2015-2016 School Year
Everyone should bring the following if possible (it would be greatly appreciated!):  
Paper towels      Tissues
Lysol wipes      Hand sanitizer
Clorox Wipes or 409    Magic Erasers (Mr. Clean-type)
Smith Science
3 Composition Notebooks   2 3-prong folders with pockets
3-Ring Binder with 3 dividers   Notebook Paper
Pencils/Pens     Colored Pencils
Ear Buds
Reynolds Science
3 ring binder w/ 5 pocket folders   5 composition journals
2   3 prong folders    Notebook paper
Pens and pencils
Maroney SC History 
1 Spiral Notebook (90-120 pages)
1 Composition Notebook
Notebook Paper 
Colored Pencils 
 Ear Buds
Chassereau SC History 
1 3-ring binder (1 inch)
Notebook paper
Pencils/pens (regular blue or black ink)
Colored pencils or crayons (NO MARKERS)
Huffman Math
 Composition notebook 
4 subject spiral notebook with folders
1 – 3-prong folder with pockets
Two packs of notebook paper 
One pack of graph paper
One box of color pencils
One 12 pack of # 2 pencils
Colorful high lighters
One Package of plain white (copy) paper
Arnold Algebra I
4- ½ inch binders (one for each quarter)
12 dividers
2 composition books (one for each semester)
Color pencils
Regular Pencils 
Notebook paper
Frazier—English I/Transitional English 
Flash drive/jump drive for saving projects – MANDATORY (We will be doing projects and you need AT LEAST TWO WAYS TO SAVE THEM)
1 1/2” to 2” binder with five dividers (preferably a binder that has a pocket in the front for students to place homework so they will be able to readily find it when it needs to be turned in)
College-ruled loose-leaf paper
Red pens for revising/editing
Markers (at least set of 8)
White-Out pen OR EZ Correct Tape
One composition notebook 
Sticky notes (Post-It type)
Gallon-size plastic bags
Three-ring plastic page protector to put in binder to hold Close Reader and Performance Assessment workbooks
Optional (but much appreciated!!):
Low-odor Expo markers (any color) 
Magic Erasers/Sponges (for White Board)
Room fresheners – either the kind that plug into the wall OR the cans of AIRWICK Freshmatic Ultra
Box of Band-Aids (everyone needs/uses these throughout the year)
Blount English
1 Composition Notebook  Loose leaf notebook paper (at least 200 sheets)
Set of dividers (at least 5 dividers) Blue and black pens
White-Out pen    Highlighters
Gallon-sized Zip Lock bags  Sticky notes
Colored pencils and/or markers
Exploratory Class Supply List 
All grades Health:
3 prong folder with pockets
All grades PE:
T-shirt (must have sleeves)
knee length shorts/jogging pants
athletic shoes that lace up
Orchestra Supply List
1 inch binder
10 clear page protectors
small pack of paper
pencil with eraser
***instrument and music book will be taken care of after instrument testing
Music and drama supply lists
6th and 7th grade music and drama- 2- folders with prongs, paper and pencil 
8th grade chorus- 1 folder with prongs, paper and pencil
Keyboarding/Computer Apps Supply List
3 prong, 2 pocket folder
red pen
flash drive, 4 gb, that must be left in the keyboarding classroom throughout the year
antibacterial wipes 
6th Grade Art Supply List
Tub of WHITE ICING    Food color
Bag of JOLLY RANCHERS (original)  Embroidery floss (any color)
26 gauge WIRE (75ft, any one color)   Kleenex
Ream of Copy Paper     Soap
7th Grade Art Supply List
Bag of JOLLY RANCHERS (original)  2 oz. Black OR White Acrylic Paint
26 gauge WIRE (75ft, any one color)   Paper Towels
Charcoal Pencil     Ream of Copy Paper
Hand Lotion      Toothpaste
8th Grade Art Supply List
2 oz acrylic paint (to match your skin color)  2 oz acrylic paint (any color)
Kleenex      Ream of Copy Paper
Hand Sanitizer     
Bag of JOLLY RANCHERS (original)
Plastic caps (any size, any color)   Bar soap
Magazines      Old, large button up shirts
Buttons      Large Zip-Loc baggies
Blow dryer      Plastic bowls
Bright yellow copy paper    Paper plates
Pie tins       Sponges
Old, broken costume jewelry    Fake flowers
KNOX unflavored gelatin    Yarn or string (any color)
Fabric       “Rubbermaid” tubs (any size)
Mini glue sticks     Sheet of Plywood (4x8)
Band Supplies
Everyone will need:  *Instrument & necessary supplies 
    *Name tag for instrument
      1 inch 3 ring binder
      Sharpened pencils
      Clear Page Protectors
*Beginning band students should get instruments, books, and instrument supplies at a later date. Please do not purchase at this time.
In addition, each grade level will need the following immediately:
7th grade:           Traditions of Excellence, Book One for your instrument                       Traditions of Excellence, Book Two for your instrument
8th grade Winds:     Traditions of Excellence, Book Two (from last year)
Percussion Ensemble:    1 pr SD1 Vic Firth Snare Drum Sticks
                                        1 pr T1 General Vic Firth Timpani Mallets
                                        1 pr Medium Yarn Mallets
           Traditions of Excellence, Book Two (from last year)
You will also need to replenish your supplies of reeds, cork grease, valve oil, etc. as needed for your instrument. is a great place to purchase your books for a lower price. If you choose this route, please make sure you’re selecting the correct book. You may purchase these through various music stores or online. Please remember, you get what you pay for. Cheap reeds result in poor tone quality. You can get quality reeds (Vandoren) online for very cheap prices. Check on the “Links” portion of the website for more information.
NAMS Registration

Registration Date – Tuesday, August 4th from 10am – 6pm

New 2015-2016 Registration Guidelines for New & Returning Students

To register your child you will need:

1) Current SC Immunization Record (if new to Aiken County Schools)

2) Birth Certificate (if new to Aiken County Schools)

3) 2 Proofs of Residency

a. Recent power or water bill*

b. Lease/Mortgage papers or property tax receipt*

4) Driver’s license must match*

*These items must be in parent’s name

Registration Fees

Registration Fees can be paid at the school on the date of registration or online. The online link is:

If paying online, please bring in your receipt for proof of payment.

Grades 6-8 Fees:

Non-band student $50.00

Band Student $56.00

GT Student $60.00

Band & GT Student $66.00

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NAMS 2015 Football Information Letter
Attention all students interested in trying out for football in the fall:
Click on the NAMS 2015 Football Information Letter link for more information.
2015 NAMS Volleyball Tryout Information
When: Tuesday August 18th- Thursday August 20th. Tryouts will end at 5:15. Have your ride here at 5:15!
Where: Report to the gym right after school. You should already be dressed (use the locker room), used the restroom, had your snack, filled your water bottle, etc. Come ready and do not be late!
What (do I need to bring): Gym clothes, sneakers, knee pads if you have them, water bottle, copy of current physical (it must be April 1st 2015 or after)*
*They are offering sports physicals at NAHS Thursday April 23rd beginning at 3:30. The cost is $10. This is a great way to have your physical taken care of before tryouts.
What (do I need to know): We will work on basic volleyball skills such as passing, hitting, and serving. Do not be intimidated if you have never played! Many girls have never played before.
Contact Coach Bush with any questions: